February 10th - February 13th
CME, Maucker Union
  • 2:00

    John Fritch

    A Healthy Dose of Skepticism


    Kim MacLin

    Snap Judgments in Eyewitness Contexts: Seeing is Not Always Believing


    Brian Roberts

    Popular and Unpopular Forms of Environmentalism


    Garrett Thomas

    Twisting Perceptions

  • 12:30

    Jim Demastes

    Peter Rabbit, Symbiosis, and the Meaning of Life


    Steve O'Kane & Jerry Soneson

    Science and Religion: Conflict or Compatibility?


    Dawn Del Carlo

    Female Scientists' Sense of Self and Stereotypes: Black Sheep or Wolf in Sheep's Clothing? (co-authored by Tori Quist)


    Ed Wasserman

    Minding Machines

  • 2:00

    Cate Palczewski

    The Male Madonna and the Feminine Uncle Sam: Visual Argument, Icons, and Ideographs in 1909 Anti-Woman Suffrage Postcards


    John Johnson

    The Tinker Case: Three Iowa Kids Question Authority and the Repercussions Are Still Being Felt a Half Century Later


    Allison Martens

    Women's Political Activism: Sisters in Solidarity?


    Nate Phelps

    Leaving Hate Behind

  • 12:30

    Annette Lynch

    Porn Chic: Cultural Construction of Sexual Agency in Fashion and Popular Culture in the Millennium


    Lisa Jepsen

    The Economics of Sexual Orientation


    Harry Brod

    Pornography: Private Right or Public Wrong?


    Elisabeth Lloyd

    Darwinian Evolution and the Female Orgasm: Puzzles and Explanations

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