February 12th - 15th


3:00Jiuqing ChengUnconsciousness and Decision Making
4:00Michael GrazianoThe Evolution of Religion in Public Schools
7:00Keynote Speaker Christopher JohnsonWhat it Means to be a Modern Atheist


12:30Thomas ConnorsHistorians and Skepticism
2:00Lisa MillsapsSkepticism, Uncertainty, and Vulnerability in Geography: Maps, Climate Change and Borders
3:30Kenneth AtkinsonDoes the Bible Exist?: Confessions of a Bible Translator
7:00Keynote Speaker Diane BurkholderIntersectionality and Freethought


2:00Brittany FlokstraReasoned Skepticism: A Review of What the Scientific Method Actually Means
3:00Jesse SwanTwo Early Modern English Skeptics: John Miltons Skepticism and Elizabeth Carys Skepticism of the Wisdom of Government by Love
4:00Yasemin SariTBD Philosophy
7:00Keynote Speaker Tim BerginThe History of Darwin


12:30Leigh ZeitzTechnology and Education
2:00Charles HettleMark Twain: Skeptic or Cynic
3:30Abbylynn HelgevoldVirtuous Ethical Reflection: The Value and Risk of Relativism
7:00Keynote Speaker Mary Beth HanlinMicroscopic Terror: The Evolution of Disease Spreading and Prevention

All events held in the Great Reading Room

(Seerley Hall)